Nominate a PEI Physician
Has your doctor gone above and beyond for you or your family? Nominate them for the Island's Patients' Choice award online: mspei.org/patientschoice 
2018 Patients' Choice Award
2018 Patients' Choice Award

2018 Patients' Choice Award

2018 Patients' Choice Award

2018 Patients' Choice Award

2018 Patients' Choice Award

2018 Patients' Choice Award

Medical Society Annual Meeting 
If you didn't make this year's Annual Meeting, you missed a great meeting. 

Welcome to MSPEI New Leadership
We were pleased to welcome our new President Dr. Kris Saunders to the helm.  Dr. Saunders is currently our longest serving Board member.  His leadership style, expertise 
and knowledge will serve MSPEI well. Our capable and competent Past President, Dr. Larry Pan, has transitioned over as our Board Chair. This is a significant role in 2018-19 as we continue to evolve our governance structures and proceed with a planned bylaws overhaul.  We are also welcoming Dr. David Bannon as our President-Elect who offers vast knowledge and experience, Dr. Scott Cameron as our Treasurer, and Drs. Gil Grimes and Jan Rogerson as our newest Board members. 

Other Committee Appointments
MSPEI's success and growth is very much contingent on its volunteer committee members. These committee members were also endorsed at the Annual Meeting: 

Finance Committee: Dr. Christine MacNearney's term was renewed while Dr. Trina Stewart will begin her first term.  The Finance Committee also includes a layperson to bring forward finance acumen and outside perspective. Mr. Colin Beck will serve that role. 

Nominating Committee: This committee helps MSPEI recruit and match candidates to sit on the various MSPEI committees. Dr. Roland Chiasson renewed his term and the committee welcomed Dr. Jane Hennessey.

We also heard from Dr. Andrew Clarke from Doctors of BC's Physician Health Program and discussed and approved a number of important bylaw changes. 
May 1, 2018  - Happy Doctors’ Day!

On May 1st we’re honoured to take a moment and show our appreciation of Prince Edward Island doctors and the important work they do every day to improve the lives of all Islanders.

In addition to delivering care, PEI’s doctors are leading health-care transformation to improve care in this province and to ensure the system is evolving to meet the current and future needs of all users, doctors and patients alike.
From primary care to specialist care, our doctors put patients first. On May 1, and every day, we say “Thanks, doc!”
Nominate a doctor for the 2018 PEI Patients’ Choice Award -  mspei.org/patientschoice. Tell your doctor how they made a difference in your life or the lives of your family. #MyPEIdoc #P1awards #DoctorsDay

April 1, 2018 - NEW Physician Health Program
Through the Master Agreement with Health PEI, the physicians of PEI have a new health program! As of April 1, 2018, MSPEI members and their families have access to a new health program that offers an unprecedented array of services to improve health and build resiliency.


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