CMPA assistance program

Physicians who pay more than $1,500 per year in a liability premium are eligible for a rebate. The amount is prorated for locums based on the number of months they practiced in PEI.

The CMPA assistance program reimburses physicians for part of the cost of their liability coverage, which in most cases is provided by CMPA. The amount of the rebate is based on information received from the physician’s insurance provider (CMPA). 
2018 Payment schedule
MSPEI members who are eligible for the CMPA rebate will receive biannual (twice a year) payments. The initial $1,500 premium is deducted from the premiums paid between January to June. If eligible, reimbursements are issued in:
October 2018 (for January to June CMPA coverage)
February 2019 (for July to December CMPA coverage)
If you have questions about your CMPA Insurance, please visit the CMPA website or call 1-800-267-6522.
NOTE: Further changes could be expected
As shared during the contract ratification process, the negotiated government funding for CMPA increased from $600,000 to $675,000. Should costs exceed this amount (i.e. CMPA premium rates increase) the difference will be split between Health PEI (75%) and MSPEI physicians (25%). The MSPEI Physician Programs and Services Committee is meeting to recommend to the Board of Directors how the 25% physician portion will be paid. The committee will be focused on ensuring the distribution of payment is based on fair principles and considers the whole profession. 

The following categories will have their initial $1500 deducted from their January – June statement, for the 2018 rebate year you will receive one rebate cheque during the July – December rebate cycle.
CMPA # Type of Coverage 2018 CMPA Fee
20 Administrative Medicine 1,740.00
23 Pathology — Hematological 1,740.00
25 Microbiology 1,740.00
27 Geriatric/Palliative/Physical Medicine 1,740.00
28 Public Health and Preventative medicine 1,740.00
31 Clinical Associates and Hospitalists 3,012.00
33 Assistance at surgery 1,740.00
35 Family Medicine-General Practice 3,012.00
36 Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine 3,012.00
37 Surgical consultations/Office surgical practice 3,012.00
44 Dermatology 3,012.00
51 Occupational Medicine 1,740.00
55 Nephrology 3,012.00
59 Oncology Medical 3,012.00
62 Respirology 3,012.00
65 Oncology-Radiation 3,012.00
73 Family Medicine or General Practice 3,012.00


SEE MASTER AGREEMENT: Article D2, page 56.