Your Guide

Your Guide to the
Master Agreement Programs and Benefits

This Guide to Your Master Agreement Programs and Benefits is created to outline the various programs available to PEI physicians, based on the contract between the Medical Society of Prince Edward Island (MSPEI), the Government of Prince Edward Island and Health PEI. The Guide refers to the Master Agreement that was ratified in May 2017. The contract is retroactive to April 1,2015 and expires on March 31, 2019.


MSPEI negotiated this agreement to help you -practising physicians on the Island - achieve the highest level of professional satisfaction, while providing quality care to your patients. The Guide is designed to assist you in experiencing the full value of the Master Agreement programs and benefits, which MSPEI has negotiated on your behalf.


The Guide outlines the various programs offered to fee-for-service, contract-for-service and salary physicians. The eligibility, application requirements and relevant deadlines are provided for each program and/or benefit. You will also be directed to the appropriate section of the Master Agreement to learn more about the program.


The Guide is divided into two sections: Master Agreement Programs and Salary Employee Benefits. It has been prepared for informational purposes only and is not intended to be an exhaustive contract summary. All physicians are encouraged to review the Master Agreement to fully understand the programs and benefits discussed in this Guide and to determine individual eligibility. If there are discrepancies between this Guide and the Master Agreement, the Master Agreement will prevail.

Download a PDF of Your Guide to the Master Agreement Programs and Benefits.