Parental Leave
Maternity and Parental Leave Program
This program is designed to provide partial income replacement for a physician parent who takes a temporary leave from practice for the birth or adoption of their child. In general, 17 consecutive weeks of benefits are offered, as long as at least 17 weeks of qualifying income was earned in the past 12 months. If less than 17 weeks, benefits will be equal to weeks worked. The program is administered by MSPEI.
• All payment modalities
• Have a “Full” or “Full-Time” license with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of PEI
• Member in good standing with MSPEI
• Earned income directly/indirectly from Health PEI immediately prior to leave
• Salaried physicians are required to apply for employment insurance (EI) before applying for the program
Application must be submitted. 
Biweekly forms are submitted during your leave.

PDF formMaternity/Parental Benefits Program PDF
PDF formMSPEI Income Reporting Form
PDF formMSPEI Bi-Weekly Claim Form

Applications must be received within two months of the birth or adoption of a child. Leave may begin as early as four weeks prior to the expected birth/
adoption and must begin no later than six weeks after the date of the birth or adoption.
Payments are calculated at 60 per cent of average gross weekly earnings over the best six months of the 12 months immediately prior to leave. Maximum payment is $1,200/week (before deductions) for 17 weeks. For salary physicians, Employment Insurance will be deducted from payment. 

SEE MASTER AGREEMENT: Article D5, page 59.