Fee Code Advisory Committee

Fee Code Advisory Committee (FCAC)

For the first time, PEI physicians now have a means to add or change fee codes – outside formal Master Agreement negotations. This creates a new opportunity for physicians to identify ways in which fee codes can better reflect the reality of how we currently practice medicine. Effective immediately, physicians can apply for a new fee code, a fee code change, a change to the preamble or request a fee code to be removed from the schedule. 

FCAC User Guide 

It is essential that each applicant carefully review the FCAC User Guide prior to beginning an application.  This will ensure the applicant has gathered the necessary information and sought input from the right people. The user guide supports creating a strong application and will help avoid an application being returned incomplete, creating a delay in the process. The guide provides an overview of how the application process works, what is expected of the applicant and the scoring criteria used when applications are reviewed. 

PDF form  PEI FCAC User Guide PDF

FCAC Application Forms

Stakeholder Response (Form E) (Only to be completed if requested by the committee)

FCAC Application Deadlines:

2018/19 Fiscal Year
Nov. 15, 2018 
Feb. 8, 2019* 
(*All applications requiring new funding, and desired to be implemented in the current fiscal year, must be submitted no later than the Feb. 8 deadline.)

2019/20 Fiscal Year
May 10, 2019

Future Deadlines: TBD

FCAC Review Process

Fee Code Review Process


Resource Section 

Provincial Fee Schedules (to support gathering comparative data in application)

Fee Code Advisory Committee Membership

The Fee Code Advisory Committee is a joint committee with representation from MSPEI, Department of Health and Wellness and Health PEI.
  • Dr. Cai Wadden, Co-Chair (MSPEI)
  • Dr. Brad Brandon (MSPEI)
  • Dr. Lenley Adams (MSPEI)
  • Dr. André Celliers, Co-Chair (Health PEI)
  • Nadine MacLean (Health PEI)
  • Kevin Barnes  (Department of Health and Wellness)

Questions and Support

For questions or support through the application process, please contact:
Derek Law
Economics Advisor