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Continuing Medical Education Rebate

This program helps offset costs incurred when physicians pursue accredited continuing medical education (CME). The program is administered by MSPEI.


  • Fee-for-service, sessional and/or contract
  • Expenses eligible for reimbursement are:
    • Registration fees
    • Up to full-fare economy flight or other travel costs up to the equivalent full-fare economy rate
    • Miscellaneous expenses associated with travel (e.g., taxis, tolls, etc.)
    • Meals (as per government travel policy)
    • Accommodations (unless otherwise approved, no greater than the hotel conference rate at CME site for the duration of CME only)
    • Books, journals, educational software and other CME materials may be purchased for CME purposes whether undertaken in PEI or at other approved sites.


Please be sure to include all supporting documents (i.e. receipts, proof of attendance, proof of CME credits obtained) with your application.


January /February/March expenses -  April 30, 2019
April/May/June expenses - July 31, 2019
July/August/September expenses -  October 31, 2019
October/November/December expenses - January 31, 2020


The MSPEI Continuing Medical Education (CME) Funding program subsidizes costs related to defined individual CME purposes for eligible MSPEI members up to a maximum of $2000 annually with a maximum of $5000 based on funds at year-end.


CME Expense Form
Provincial Travel Policy

MASTER AGREEMENT: Article D3, page 58