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Physician Leadership Education Programs

The Master Agreement provides $300,000 annually (in 2018 and 2019) to support physicians’ leadership development.


New this year, MSPEI is offering 15 seats to PEI physicians to participate in select individual leadership courses that are offered as part of MSPEI-Schulich School of Business Master’s Certificate in Physician Leadership.

Physicians have said they want more say in how the health-care system is run. We also know that as physicians become more engaged in improving the system in which they work, they are more professionally satisfied and are less likely to experience burnout. These courses provide physicians with a new set of skills to enable them to lead change within their practices and more broadly.

Course Schedule & Registration

Master’s Certificate in Physician Leadership

Based on an application process, 10 physicians are participating in the 2018 MSPEI’s Certificate in Physician Leadership. The program is offered in partnership with York University’s Schulich School of Business. The comprehensive ten-month program will include face-to-face sessions, executive coaching and the opportunity to complete an action learning project.

The program is designed for physicians who currently occupy formal leadership roles, or aspire to, AND for those with an appetite for initiating change and collaborating with others to improve their workplace and healthcare system.


  • All members in good standing, across all payment modalities.
    *Candidates will be selected by a committee of peers, seeking physicians who have demonstrated a desire to make positive change and displayed a commitment to an intensive learning experience.


$13,500 per physician (Program offered at no cost to qualifying members).