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Leading Change: Doctors’ Prescription for improving PEI’s Health-Care System

The Medical Society of PEI (MSPEI) asked the Island’s doctors what they think needs to be done to improve our health-care system.

Their response was clear. It is time to change how we design, plan and manage our health-care system. More of the same will not work. PEI doctors want to work shoulder-to-shoulder with government and other health-care providers to improve our health-care system.

Doctors want to help lead us away from today’s reality where too many Islanders do not have a family doctor, there are long waits to see family doctors and specialists, and emergency rooms are overcrowded.

They want to help Prince Edward Island become:

  • the first province in Canada to provide every citizen with timely access to primary care;
  • a national leader in health-care innovation; and
  • the best place to practice medicine in Canada.

The goals are lofty, but doctors believe with drive, commitment, and through collaboration, it can be achieved.

Doctors are recommending that the province focus on these four areas:


1. Integrate physicians into the decision-making processes so they can help problem solve, design, implement and be accountable.


2. Implement primary care models that provide quality care that is accessible and sustainable.


3. Show more leadership in health-care innovation. Start with making all patients’ health information accessible to patients and all providers in electronic form.


4. Develop and implement a physician resource plan and have doctors recruit doctors.

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Physicians’ Election Advocacy Toolkit

MSPEI has prepared an Advocacy Toolkit to support physicians interested in stepping into a leadership role to initiate conversations with candidates about health care during this election.

The toolkit provides suggested key messages based on MSPEI’s “Leading Change: Doctors’ Prescription for Improving PEI’s Health-care system” and guidance on how to get the most of your conversations with candidates.